Your donation can make a child smile!

We all have kindness! That is what Humanity in Practice is all about. By being kind to one another, we bring joy to ourselves, our family, friends and everyone that we come across. Kindness is something that you can share from the safety of our own space – at home with family, at work with colleagues, or in the classroom with our kids, each one will feel the difference.

With your act of kindness, we will pay forward by creating and spreading purposeful acts of kindness to those living in our communities and experiencing hardship. Your donation will enable us to provide basic needs like hats, mittens, diapers and food to street-connected youth, low income families and teenage moms. Your donation will also help us give seasonal treats, creative art kits and games which offer needed social interaction, especially now.

Your kindness today will spread hope and excitement to other volunteers who can’t leave their homes but want to help spread kindness, by giving back without going out. This is who we are, so come help us spread kindness.

Your $25 act of kindness today can be made through CanadaHelps or by e-transfer to

Kindness is one simple act that spreads to another. So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for choosing kindness.