Past Projects

April 2019

‘Celebrate a Community Mom’. We delivered 418 projects to McMan Calgary for the new mom’s for Mother’s Day.

May 2019

‘Pack Up for Camp!’. Last project of the year. We delivered 355 projects to the Boy’s & Girls Club of Calgary for the young children at their Camp Adventure.

December 2018

We delivered to Pawsitivematch Rescue, dozens of toys, treats and blankets!

January 2019

‘Warm Up Winter’. We delivered 149 projects to the Centre for Newcomers Society of Calgary including jackets for young children to adults.

February 2019

‘Stand Up to Bullying’. These creative bracelets were made by our preschool group!

March 2019

‘Celebrate Spring’. We delivered 104 wonderful decorations & treats to the Bow Cliff Seniors group who were very excited to receive them.

April 2018

We delivered 177 messages of inspiration to the NSTEP Family Race and entertained the young runners with a volunteer project on the spot!

May 2018

We received over 1,000 children’s books to share with the agencies!

October 2018

We delivered 235 items to the new Cornerstone Youth Centre including art, games, placemats and blankets!

November 2018

We packed our van FULL of gifts going to the YWCA and to Discovery House!

Giving Tuesday 2017

Thanks to all of you who supported Giving Tuesday. We filled 226 stockings for children living in YYC shelters!

January 2018

We sent hundreds of Valentine Cards and chocolate treats to seniors living in retirement communities to brighten up their day.
“Thank you for sending the cards, everyone here enjoyed them and wanted me to tell you and all the kids that had made the cards, that they loved them and the cards had made their day very special.” Tina, Activity Coordinator

February 2018

We delivered to MEOW Foundation and AARCS over 200 items of food, toys, treats and blankets!

March 2018

We asked you to ‘be the bunny’ and you delivered! We received 581 Easter treats and crafts to which we shared among Discovery House, Sherriff King Home and Inn From the Cold.

December 2017

We collected 94 shoe boxes filled with items of care (nail polish, mittens, make up, note cards, tea...) for women living in Shelters.

May 2017

We delivered dozens of balls, kits and tips on how to beat stress to the clients of the Independent Living Resource Centre.

April 2017

We delivered 180+ items to the YWCA for summer fun and keeping safe...suntan lotion, flip flops, water bottles and even homemade body scrubs by our preschool volunteers were part of the donations received.

November 2017

We delivered towels and toiletries and house-warming gifts to the new residential home for the clients of Accessible Housing.

“Thanks for all that awesome stuff! Can’t wait to share it with residents.” Anita, Accessible Housing

March 2017

We delivered over 400 items related to helping in the Garden. The Alex Community Food Centre is creating a large garden in their parking lot that will grow vegetables to harvest, cook and share with the community each year!

February 2017

We delivered 22 shoe boxes of warmth to The Sheldon M. Chumir Health Centre. These shoe boxes were filled with personal hygiene items, warm mitts and gloves for the people served by this wonderful centre.

January 2017

We delivered to Made By Momma, 38 big bags of birthday supplies!

October 2017

Thank you for the ’Celebrate Canada’ drawings & origin names, including these very cool dream catchers from one of our preschool groups!

November 2016

Thank you for supporting Alberta Animal Rescue Crew (AARCS). We collected 87 stuffed stockings for cats & dogs for the holiday season. When we delivered the stockings we were given a tour of the facility and were able to see firsthand the love and attention the animals receive from the staff and volunteers at the shelter. Did you know that a lot of the animals there come from the North West Territory area?

October 2016

Thank you for the beautiful cards and knitted Izzy dolls for the men & women serving in the Middle East. We collected 230 pieces in total that we mailed at no charge, compliments of the Canadian Postal Service!

December 2016

Thank you for bringing the holiday season to over 400 youth! The hand crafted Christmas cards and the gift cards were a special treat for the three agencies (Boys & Girls Club, The Alex and Independent Living Resource) to share with the youth they support.