Our h!pchicks are women who want to help but who don't want a traditional volunteer role!

The power of email networking is the basis for this connective group. A fan-out request informs women of opportunities that need their help. If they can, they step up or wait for the next email! This enables women to choose involvement without pressure. All requests are flexible, episodic and respectful of the busy lives we lead.

You can help with your own friends by hosting a ‘H!Pchicks Do Wine.’ We have created six funky themes:

  • Books & Bordeaux (collecting new children’s books)
  • Granola & Grigio (collecting granola bars for the homeless)
  • Men & Merlot (collecting men’s business attire for men rebuilding their lives)
  • Panties & Prosecco (collecting bras and underwear for women)
  • Runners & Riesling (collecting running shoes for teenage girls)
  • Songs & Sangria (collecting i-Pod/headphones for those suffering from dementia)

If you wish to host a party, connect with us on how to. It is a refreshing way to make a difference!