About Us

Our mission is to connect people to causes by creating fun & simple ways to practice humanity. We vision a city where it is easy for anyone, regardless of age or circumstance, the opportunity to make a difference.


“For me to BeHip means helping those in need in our community and helping others to do the same.” Marnie


“For Me to BeHIP is to cheerlead the passions that a person has and to find more ways they can fuel those passions.” Janica

h!p was founded in 2005 as a way to engage children under the age of 12 in the practice of philanthropy.Over time, it has evolved, working with 80+ Calgary agencies to create simple projects that anyone can help with.

h!p is about helping others. It is about having the opportunity to help others.
We believe that simple, small acts of kindness can change the world.

h!p is a growing community of people of all ages and all capabilities who want to help without committing to a long term or frequent volunteer position. We work with local agencies, listening to what they need and
creating an opportunity or project that will help them with that need.

We promote new and episodic opportunities through a (free) monthly newsletter we email to our volunteers.

The HIP Crew

Cindy Frank-Lewis, Board Member
“For me to BeHIP is empowering people to reach their full potential”

Jaye Bacon, Board Member
“For me to BeHIP is providing assistance to a group of extraordinary women whose focus is helping CALGARY groups (big and small - young and not so young) have more in their lives. “

We believe in collaboration